Benefits of Using Chartis Car Insurance To Insure Your Vehicle

Chartis car insurance is definitely a product that is loaded with many benefits for the Singaporean driver. In general, their price (premium) is fair although it may not be the cheapest. And you can be confident that your welfare will be well taken care of in case you get into trouble on the road.

Let’s find out about a few features that Chartis car insurance has done far better than the competition.

1.    Chartis car insurance policy takes the rest of your family into consideration

Some families have two or more drivers who share a single car. For most other motor insurance policies, you have to add them as named drivers into the policy document. This can cost a little money, especially when you want to add a third named driver.

Nevertheless for Chartis Insurance, authorized drivers are automatically considered named drivers. This means anyone whom you authorize to drive the car will share the same excess as you.

However, if the authorised driver is an elderly, young, or inexperienced driver, an additional excess of $3,000 will be imposed. This is not a strange thing, really, because all other insurers impose this rule.

(Elderly drivers are defined as people above the age of 65, while young and/or inexperienced drivers are those under 23 years old and/or have less than 2 years driving experience.)

2.    They have excellent towing service

Chartis Insurance exceeds the industry standard by offering a free towing service for your vehicle even for mechanical breakdown. For other insurers, you can only expect them to use their tow truck when you meet with a car accident.

3.    You can use their courtesy car so it becomes easy to get around

While the car is being repaired, Chartis Insurance will provide you with a courtesy car. In many cases the courtesy car can be delivered to where you are. For most other insurers, you have to travel to where the car is, which is rather inconvenient without a form of transport. (You may use this car for up to 10 days.)

4.    You can bring your car to the distributor workshop for accident repair

If your car is still under the 3-year warranty, you can take it back to the distributor workshop for accident repairs. This is especially useful if you are driving a European model that has very few spare parts available in the market. By going to the distributor workshop for repair, spare parts may be more available and the warranty can often be longer.

However if your car is parallel imported and is still under the warranty, you will need to take it to any Chartis authorized workshop for repair.

5.    You can pay for your car insurance in almost any way you please

As a leading insurer in Singapore and the world, Chartis accepts various forms of payment. You can pay using cash, cheque or credit card. If you are thinking of paying via a 12-month (or 6-month) installment, it is also possible through any DBS, POSB or UOB credit card.

Certainly, there are other benefits that Chartis car insurance offers. The above few points are those that Chartis has done better than the rest of the insurers.

Thus if these benefits are really important to you and the premium is not much higher than the other insurers, you should seriously consider signing up for a coverage with them.

After all, you can rely on this insurer like many others do. Chartis Insurance caters to more than 70 million clients from across the globe, making it one of the leaders in the insurance business. This company offers a wide range of products and services, and its financial strength makes the rest of the insurers pale in comparison.

In Asia-Pacific, Chartis Insurance goes beyond what is mandated by local regulators when it comes to assets and cash reserves. This certainly speaks of their stability and strong commitment towards their customers.

If you want to find out the price of Chartis car insurance for your vehicle, check it out at

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