Advantages Of Getting An Etiqa Car Insurance Plan

Etiqa car insurance is suitable for car owners who use their car regularly for commute and for joy rides. Before signing up for an Etiqa Car Insurance Policy, make sure you check out their list of benefits below. They can help you find out whether this insurer (or some others) can serve your needs.

As you go through each benefit, think about what is important to you:

Windscreen Coverage

If you have been driving for a couple of years you should know that your windscreen, just like any part of your car, suffers wear and tear. It weakens over the course of time and naturally results in damage, even breakage.

With Etiqa’s Car Insurance Plan you need not worry about your windscreen. In case it needs replacing, all you have to do is fix it at any Etiqa authorized shop. You have to pay $0 excess and a reinstatement fee of $40 plus GST.

Personal Accident (PA) for Insured / Passengers

Now, you are going to feel more at ease while driving with your family. Under Etiqa’s Car Insurance personal accident benefit, you and your passengers are eligible to get up to $20,000 in the event you get into some sort of mishap. This is a huge relief for you as a policyholder. Both you and your passengers are automatically covered by this benefit as you sign up for their plan.


When it comes to workshops, Etiqa Insurance gives their customers a choice. Policyholders have the option of going to an authorized workshop or any workshop of their choice. You only have to decide which suits you best and sign up under an appropriate product. At least when it comes to the choice of workshop, customers are not restricted.

Excess for Young / Inexperienced driver / Unnamed driver

This bit right here is a little tricky; you need to take some time to understand this portion.

For Etiqa’s Car Insurance Plan, an additional excess totaling to $2,000 will be imposed if the insured’s car was driven by an authorized person (aside from the policyholder and named driver), who is under 22 years of age and has less than 2 years driving experience.

Let me just clarify that the additional excess of $2,000 is paid on top of the policy excess.

For example, your policy excess is $500, and an authorized driver under the age of 22 with less than 2 years driving experience wrecked your car; you will have to pay the policy excess of $500 plus the additional excess of $2,000, which makes the grand total to $2,500.

Installment Plan

At this moment, Etiqa’s Car Insurance Policy is not payable by installment.

Payment Method

If you are interested to sign up with Etiqa’s car Insurance Plan, then you need to pay using cash or cheque. Credit card payment is not accepted as of yet, so make sure your cash or cheque is ready upon signing up. Nevertheless Etiqa has plans to extend their credit card facility for your payment convenience. So you can expect some changes in due time.

Named Drivers

As with other car insurance policies, you are free to add named drivers to your plan…with applicable charges.

The first named driver that you add to your policy is free of charge (subject to age and driving experience); however, the second and succeeding names will be chargeable at $20 + GST.

A Reliable Insurance Company

Etiqa Insurance is a proud affiliate of the prestigious Maybank Group and it is a entirely owned subsidiary of Mayban Ageas, which was formerly known as Mayban Fortis. The Maybank Group, which is a top provider of financial services, made sure that Etiqa Insurance is one of the leading non-life insurance providers in the market today.

Etiqa Insurance Singapore has a solid reputation in the financial sector. Their one and only goal is to provide its customers with excellent quality services.

For this reason, if you sign up for an Etiqa car insurance policy, you can be confident they will be there to assist you if you ever need to make a motor insurance claim.

Note: Etiqa car insurance was formerly known as Mayban Car Insurance (or commonly known as Maybank Car Insurance).

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