A Closer Look at Tenet Car Insurance – Exploring The Excel Drive Gold Plan

Tenet car insurance is one of the motor insurance plans that car owners seldom hear about. A few years ago, their price was way below the market average. This attracted attention from many motorists. As their price goes up, customers begin looking for alternatives.

Nevertheless it may still be worth looking at what Tenet Insurance offers for their vehicle protection package. Here, we’ll touch specifically on the Excel Drive Gold Plan.

First and foremost, Tenet Insurance covers the standard mandatory third party coverage. What this means is Tenet Insurance will pay for your legal liability in case you cause death, injury or vehicle/property damage to any Third Party during the course of an accident.

Since the Excel Drive Gold Plan is a comprehensive package, it also provides cover for any loss or damage to your vehicle by fire and/or theft. On top of this, there is a repertoire of own damage benefits which we will cover in detail below.

Windscreen Protection

A car’s windscreen should be well taken care of. But no matter how much we take care of it, visible scratches or cracks would surface at times. These cracks or scratches may develop into serious fractures that break your windscreen. Therefore a replacement is called for. Windscreen replacement is not cheap as others might think. However, under Tenet’s Excel Drive Gold Plan, be rest assured your windscreen replacement will be a breeze. You are entitled to a maximum of 2 windscreen replacements within the policy period.

Personal Accident Coverage

Road accidents are somewhat inevitable at times. It is a good thing Tenet Insurance provides their customers with a personal accident coverage amounting to $20,000. For named drivers, they can claims up to $10,000. Medical reimbursement will also be given if it’s needed. $300 each will be provided to both the insured and the passenger.

Towing Service

In case the accident renders your vehicle unusable, Tenet Insurance will also provide free towing assistance to get your car back to the authorized workshop for repair. All you need to do is contact any customer service officer through their 24-hour hotline. She will advise you on what to do and where is the nearest workshop you can go to. And to wrap things up, she can also help to get a tow truck to where you are.

Own Damage Excess

Just like motor insurance plans from other insurers, Tenet’s Excel Drive Gold Plan has its own provision as far as authorised driver excess is concerned. We can better understand how it works by looking at the table below.




Named Young and/or Inexperienced, Drivers or Elderly Drivers

$ 1,500

Unnamed Young and/or Inexperienced Drivers or Elderly Drivers

$ 3,000

Unnamed All Other Drivers

$ 500

NOTE: The excess stated in the table is paid on top of the own damage excess.


A young driver is defined as someone under the age of 25. An inexperienced driver is someone with less than 2 years driving experience. And an elderly driver is defined as someone who is over 70 years old.

Warranty for Repairs

Under this package, you have to send your vehicle to any Tenet authorized workshop for repair. You can enjoy a limited period warranty for the workmanship and spare parts used.

No Claim Discount Protection

If you have an NCD (no claim discount) of 30% and above, you will be given a free NCD protection free-of-charge. With this complementary extension, you can maintain your NCD level even if you meet with an accident and has to make a claim.

There are other extensions you can include into your main car insurance policy with Tenet Insurance. An example of which is the Loss of Use Benefit (for up to 14 days). However additional premium is required.

Payment Options

If you want to sign up for Tenet’s Excel Drive Gold, then you can pay for your policy using cash, cheque or credit card.

Tenet Insurance has been providing protection to car owners in Singapore since 1957. Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. has bought over the business in May 2010. Even though the company has changed hands, the features and benefits of Tenet car insurance remains.

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