Benefits of Using the AXA Premium Workshop Car Insurance Plan

The AXA premium workshop car insurance plan offers customers a bundle of benefits. Also, it is 15% cheaper than its any-workshop counterpart. Here, you will discover what is included in this plan and who should go for this AXA insurance package.

To start off, let’s take a look at what the benefits are…

Choice of Workshop

Under AXA’s premium workshop car insurance scheme, you have an array of workshops to visit for accident repairs. AXA insurance has qualified these workshops to ensure quality. Also, these workshops have to make sure repair estimates are accurate and repair costs are truthfully reported.

This means your insurance claim will not be inflated beyond what is required to restore your car to its original state. As such, your renewal premium with AXA will be kept at a minimum.

Warranty for Repairs

After any sort of repairs, car owners are usually quite worried about the durability of the spare parts used. With AXA insurance, you can enjoy a 9-month warranty on the repairs carried out by any of the AXA premium workshops.

The mechanics will ensure proper automobile parts are used. Nevertheless it is a good habit for you to emphasize to them that you want them to use only original parts.

Loss of Use Benefit

It can be quite inconvenient to be without your vehicle while your car is being repaired. Thus AXA pay you transport allowance of $50 per day to facilitate your daily commute. Yet the repair must take at least 4 days before you can claim under this benefit.

Waiver of Excess

If you have 50% NCD, your original excess will be fully waived. This means you do not have to spend a single cent for your car to get repaired. And if your NCD is below 50%, half of your excess will be waived off. In the end, the amount you have to pay is meager. For AXA insurance, the excess is usually lower than other insurers. And with this benefit, there is no reason to worry too much about excess anymore.

Repatriation of Vehicle

Sometimes you may need to use your car outside Singapore. You may end up in huge inconvenience in case you get into any sort of accident. Therefore AXA will arrange a suitable transport for you (and your passengers) to return to Singapore. On top of this, AXA will arrange someone to tow your car back to Singapore for repair.

Nevertheless there is a condition to this benefit. Your car must be immobilized for more than 48 hours following an accident or a breakdown. Also, there is a cap of $200 per person and $1,000 for the vehicle to be sent back to Singapore.

Coverage of Personal Effects

In case any personal effects are damaged as a result of an accident or robbery, AXA insurance will repair or replace these items. Or AXA may choose to compensate in cash according to whatever was damaged. Nevertheless some items are not covered. And the total payout for this benefit is capped at $3,000. For more details please refer to an AXA car insurance policy wording.

Young and Inexperienced Driver Excess

Other than yourself, there may be someone else using your car on a regular basis. And they may fall under the Young and Inexperienced Driver category. The standard excess they will have to pay is $5,000. Under this AXA car insurance plan, their excess is reduced to $2,500.

Personal Accident Benefit

The personal accident benefit of any car insurance policy is not as comprehensive as a standalone personal accident insurance. However what you get is by no means shallow. Here is a summary of what you can expect:

Death:  $30,000
Loss of Sight in One Eye – $10,000
Loss of Sight in Both Eyes – $30,000
Loss of Both Hands: $30,000
Loss of One Hand: $10,000
Both Feet: $30,000
One Foot: $10,000
Loss of One Hand and One Foot: $30,000
Loss of Sight and Severance of Hand/Foot: $30,000

Other than the above benefits, the standard mandatory insurance for third party compensation is covered. If you want to include optional benefits like Voluntary Excess, NCD protection, insurance for car accessories, et cetera, your car insurance premium may be adjusted.

This type of AXA car insurance (premium workshop plan) is ideal for car owners whose vehicles are more than 3 years old. So if your car is still under the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty, it will be good for you to get an Any Workshop plan so you have a choice to visit the distributor workshop for any accident repair.

Otherwise this car insurance plan is good for anyone who requires quality and assurance from one of the most reputable insurers in Singapore.

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