Making An NTUC Car Insurance Claim

Prior to making an NTUC car insurance claim, you will have gone through a series of events beginning with a road collision. This is usually a traumatic experience for many. Therefore it is advisable to go through a few standard steps in your mind as you read this, in case you or a family member (or a friend you know) gets into such situation.

If you’re involved in an accident, remember:

1.    Pull yourself together, remain calm and recognise there is something you can do in this situation, however ugly it may seem.

2.    If possible, take some photographs of the damaged vehicles. Include the background so the road and surroundings can be seen in the photo. Take some close-up photos of all damaged vehicles too.

3.    Drive your car to somewhere safe. (Like the side of the road). But if the accident involves injuries, let the cars remain where they are. Then call the police (and if necessary, the ambulance) immediately.

4.    Note down the car plate numbers of all vehicles involved. Then collect the names, NRIC number, address and contact number of all drivers. If there is any witness, take down his contact too. If you can, get the name of insurance company the other car is insured with.

5.    If the accident involves only small damages, aim to conclude the incident with a private settlement agreement.

6.    You must make a police report within 24 hours if the collision involves: (i) Pedestrians or cyclists, (ii) Foreign vehicles, (iii) Government vehicles or property, & (iv) A hit-and-run party.

Note: Avoid talking about responsibilities or liabilities with anyone (or their representatives) involved in the accident. Let your insurance company settle everything. You’ll have a better chance of solving the issue.

To make an NTUC car insurance claim, you have to first file an accident report at the IDAC (reporting centre) or ARC (NTUC Authorised Workshops for accident reporting). Then you may submit your claims at any of the 5 NTUC branches below:

(i)    Ang Mo Kio Branch
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-18/19/20/21 AMK HUB Singapore 569933

(ii)    Bras Basah Branch
75 Bras Basah Road, NTUC Income Centre Singapore 189557

(iii)    Jurong Branch
Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road #03-309B/C/D Singapore 600134

(iv)    Tampines Point Branch
2 Tampines Central 6 #01-01 NTUC Income Tampines Point Singapore 529483

(v)    Woodlands Branch
900 Woodlands Drive #05-06 Woodlands Civic Centre Singapore 730900

The opening hours for each NTUC branch are as follows:

•    Monday-Friday: 10.00 am – 6.30 pm
•    Saturday: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
•    Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed (except for Ang Mo Kio Branch which opens from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm)

These NTUC branches are distributed across the island for easy accessibility. Also, you don’t have to worry about any technicalities. The customer service officer will help you fill the claim form.

In doubt? Call NTUC Income’s 24-hr hotline at 6788 6616 to inquire about claim details. You can also arrange for free towing service (within Singapore) via this contact number too.

Note 1: For your convenience, you can now MMS your accident-related pictures to 9877 9113 as part of your accident report. If you do so, please indicate your vehicle number and date of accident using this format: <vehicle number>, <ddmmyy>.

Note 2: If you are late or fail to report the accident you’re involved in (whether or not you sign on the Private Settlement Agreement), your No Claim Discount (NCD) can be forfeited.

What Happens After You File A Claim?

IDAC/ARC will assess the damage on your vehicle. Then repairs will begin within 2 working days. If you are insured under an authorised workshop plan, your car will be repaired by one of NTUC’s authorised workshops. Otherwise you can move your car to any workshop of your choice.

With any NTUC’s authorised workshops, you can enjoy a 12 months warranty for your repair.

NTUC Income’s quality workshop will advise you on whether or not you should make a third party claim. If you are clearly not at fault, the workshop will help you file a third-party claim.

Otherwise you will be advised to make an own damage claim first, leaving NTUC Income to fight your case for you. This means you have to pay the policy excess when you collect your car from the workshop.

Note: If both parties are insured with NTUC Income, you will be encouraged to make an own damage claim. Then NTUC will assure you that your NCD will not be penalised if you are not at fault. Nevertheless complications may arise if you choose to renew your car insurance with another insurer in the coming year. This is due to your own damage claim record.

Accident in Malaysia – What To Do

For all types of accident involving any vehicle registered in Malaysia or Singapore, you must make a police report with the Malaysian Authorities within 24 hours. The authority may require the offending party to pay a fine of RM300.

While the reporting is underway, you may then call NTUC’s hotline (6788 6616) to arrange for a tow truck, if required. You can claim up to $200 for towing service if you wish to.

Upon returning to Singapore, you still have to file an accident report at any IDAC or ARC.

Why Am I Served A Writ of Summon?

Insurers will advise legal professionals to accept service on their client’s behalf. But some lawyers are pretty oblivious to this. Therefore a few writ of summons may eventually end of in your post box. What you should do it send it to NTUC Income immediately so they can appoint a lawyer to enter appearance on your behalf with the next 8 working days.

Why Does My Repair Take So Long?

Sometimes spare parts take a long time to arrive in Singapore. NTUC makes arrangement to ship in unavailable parts at their cost. But they do not use air freight. If this is necessary, additional costs may be paid by you. Nevertheless if you need to use your car urgently, you can always work on alternative arrangements with the insurer and with the workshop.

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