OAC Car Insurance – Insuring Your Vehicle With Overseas Assurance Corporation

With OAC car insurance, you can choose to protect your vehicle under any of the following plans:

  1. Comprehensive (Authorised Workshop)
  2. Comprehensive (Any Workshop)
  3. Third Party Fire & Theft
  4. Third Party Only

Like other insurers, OAC covers any accidental loss or damage to your vehicle. In case the worst happens, OAC will send you a cheque for (up to) the market value of your car. For repairs, you only need to fork out the policy excess while OAC pays for the rest of your repair bills.

You are also covered for your liability to others whom you need to compensate. In case death or bodily injury occurs, the payout is unlimited. For damage to property, you have up to $5 million coverage.

On top of this, OAC also reimburse up to $300 for (car) accident-related medical expenses for you and your named driver(s).

Under Personal Accident Benefit, you can claim up to $20,000 from OAC Insurance for yourself and your named driver.

These benefits above make sure anyone who drives your car does not have to worry about what happens in case mishaps occur.

In addition, an OAC car insurance policy takes care of your towing charges (if you need it). And in case your windscreen is damaged, you simply have to drive your car to any OAC authorized workshop for a quick replacement. You do not have to pay anything because there is no windscreen excess. To reinstate this benefit, you only need to fork out a paltry $50.

You can go to your dealer’s workshop for repair even if you signed up under the Authorised Workshop Plan. This is provided your car is still within its 3-year warranty period.

You may also want to consider including a Loss of Use benefit in your OAC car insurance policy. When your car is being repaired, OAC pays you $80 as transport allowance each day up to a maximum of 7 days. This feature requires additional premium though. However it may be well worth it because you can receive up to $560 in transport allowance for a small payment on your part.

OAC will waive off your excess totally if your NCD is 40% or more. Otherwise (if your NCD is 30% or less) your excess is waived off by half.

When it comes to payment, OAC insurance accepts cash, cheque or credit card. In addition, you can opt to pay by installments if you are an OCBC credit card holder.

Other than OAC car insurance, there are many other car insurers in Singapore. To get an overview of what each insurer charge as well as their features and benefits, use 2 minutes to fill up the form at www.MotorInsuranceSingapore.com

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