NTUC Car Insurance – Should You Sign Up For The Drivo Classic Plan or The Drivo Premium Plan?

There are many NTUC car insurance plans you can sign up for under NTUC Income. Thus there is bound to be a suitable motor insurance policy for you if you know what you want. The 2 most popular car insurance plans that car owners often choose are the Drivo Classic and the Drivo Premium Plan.

This article shows you what is covered in each of the motor insurance plan and which one you should go for.

Both motor insurance plans cover basic risks such as damage and loss due to fire or theft. This means that NTUC Income will compensate you if your car is burnt or gets stolen. On top of this, the insurer will pay for the repair costs needed to restore your vehicle after a collision.

Also, both insurance policies cover death or injury to third party and also compensate for damages to any property.

As a bonus, you can also replace your windscreen in case it breaks or suffer severe damage. However you are not allowed to use this benefit for chips or scratches.

Both Drivo Classic Plan and Drivo Premium Plan pays for your medical expenses incurred as a result of a car accident. You can claim up to $300 with the insurer in such cases. Also, you are entitled to claim up to $20,000 as Personal Accident compensation.

For each claim you make, an excess is applicable. The amount depends on factors such as your vehicle make and model as well as your age and driving experience. The excess will be computed along with the insurance premium so you know how much co-insurance you have to pay in the event of a claim.

On top of your policy excess, if an Unnamed Driver uses your car, he or she is subject to an Unnamed Driver Excess. Apart from this, additional excess is imposed if this authorized driver is below 27 years old or have less than 1 year’s driving experience.

If you meet with an accident bad enough such that your vehicle becomes dangerous to operate, a towing service is available to you at a moment’s notice.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the Classic Plan and the Premium Plan lies in the choice of workshop. The Premium plan allows you to go to your choice of workshop while the Classic Plan restricts you to its list of authorized workshops.

Some drivers will want to bring their car back to the distributor’s workshop while their car is still under the standard 3-year warranty. This is especially important if you own a continental car or if there are very few spare parts available for your particular car model.

If your car is under this category, the NTUC Drivo Premium Plan may be suitable for you. However you have to pay a little more for this flexibility. Therefore if this benefit is not essential for you, you may want to get the NTUC Drivo Classic plan instead. After all, you’ll save between 10% – 15% in premiums when you opt for this coverage.

Other than NTUC Income, reputable insurers such as AXA and Chartis (formally known as AIG) also offer reliable car insurance packages that you can rely on. To get quotes from these insurance companies as well as other recommended car insurers, check out the service at www.motorinsurancesingapore.com

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