OAC Car Insurance – Insuring Your Vehicle With Overseas Assurance Corporation

If you are considering OAC car insurance, here is an outline of its features and benefits. Learn about what OAC insurance can offer you as well as the pros and cons of insuring your vehicle with them.

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NTUC Car Insurance – Should You Sign Up For The Drivo Classic Plan or The Drivo Premium Plan?

There are many NTUC car insurance plans you can sign up for under NTUC Income. Thus there is bound to be a suitable motor insurance policy for you if you know what you want. The 2 most popular car insurance plans that car owners often choose are the Drivo Classic and the Drivo Premium Plan.

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Do You Know What To Do In A Car Accident?

Below are the things to do if you happen to be involved in an accident – hopefully none of us ever need to apply these steps. But as the wise saying goes, always prepare for eventualities. Step 1 Stay calm. This is not easy, but you HAVE to. This usually determines how the [...]

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