Motor Car Insurance Proposal Form (or Application Form)

The proposal form needs to be submitted and sent (along with the quotation) to the insurer in order for them to underwrite your motor car insurance policy. The underwriter relies on the information given by the car owner to assess the risk undertaken by the insurance company.

Therefore it is important that car owners provide accurate and relevant details as required by the proposal form, to the best of your knowledge.

The following information is usually requested in the proposal form:

– Name & Address Of Car Owner
– Type Of Business Or Trade (If Applicable)
– Driving Experience Of All Drivers, Insured & Named Drivers
– Claims Experience & NCD (aka. NCB) Entitlement Amount
– Type Of Cover (Comprehensive, 3rd Party, Etc.)
– Vehicle Usage
– Whether Your Car Has Been Modified
– Vehicle’s Make & Model, Seating Capacity, Market Value & Year Of Manufacture
– Vehicle Registration Number, Date Of Registration, Engine Number & Chassis Number
– Finance Company (or Hire Purchase Company), if Applicable
– Some Details Of Vehicle’s Accessories

Soon after submission, the Certificate of Insurance or Cover Note can be released to the car owner.

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