AXA Car Insurance Plans To Insure Your Car With

AXA insurance offers different type of car insurance plans you can use to protect your vehicle. Here, you can discover which plan is most suitable for you. Also, you will learn about different options that can help you customize your car insurance policy to suit your needs.

Like most other insurers, AXA insurance offers 3 types of car insurance policy – Comprehensive coverage, Third Party Fire & Theft as well as Third Party Only insurance.

Among these, comprehensive coverage is the most well-liked. This is because apart from the standard legal liability (Third Party Only) coverage, AXA insurance also pays for accidental damages to your car.

For Third Party Only (TPO) insurance, AXA compensates for the death or bodily injury to others. Also any loss or damage to other people’s property will be compensated. On top of this, if you require a lawyer to fend for you, your legal costs and expenses may be taken care of.

AXA’s Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) covers a little more than this. Adding onto the Third Party Only scope of coverage, AXA will pay you the market value of your vehicle in case you lose your vehicle accidentally or it gets destroyed by fire. Also, if it is stolen, AXA insurance will write you a cheque for the value of your vehicle.

As an added bonus, AXA can also replace your vehicle accessories and spare parts. And in case you need towing service, AXA insurance will cover this as well. However these are on the condition that the loss is due to fire or theft.

AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance is one of the most popular motor insurance plans in Singapore. It covers a comprehensive array of benefits that car owners need. In summary, here is what AXA insurance offers to car owners who are considering an authorized workshop package:

Own Damage

–    Repair or replacement of any part of your car or its accessories
–    Free towing of vehicle to an authorized workshop for accident repair
–    Compensation at full market value if car is destroyed or is beyond economical repair
–    Free windscreen coverage with zero-dollar excess and free unlimited reinstatement
–    AXA pays you $50 per day when your car being repaired beyond 4 days, up to a maximum or $250 per accident

Third Party

–    AXA pays off your liabilities for death or bodily injuries to other people
–    AXA compensates for any property damages resulting from a car accident
–    Covers any legal costs necessary to defend your case

Personal Accident and Medical Expenses

–    AXA insurance pays up to $30,000 under its personal accident coverage for the insured. This benefit (of up to $20,000 each) can be extended to your passengers at an additional premium of $30 + GST
–    For medical reimbursement, AXA insurance pays up to $500f or both you and your passengers

Other than these benefits, you can also sign up for an NCD protector for an extra 10% premium. This option is only available to 50% NCD holders and it can help keep your NCD at this level even after an accident claim.

AXA pays out the insurance benefits even for incidents like flood, hurricanes, volcanic, earthquake, typhoon, and other acts of nature. On top of these, strike, riot and civil commotion are also covered.

In addition, AXA also waives off the excess (for you and your named drivers) up to a certain limit. If you are a 50% NCD holder, your basic excess will be totally waived off. If your NCD is 40% or below, the excess is waived off by half. Also, this waiver is not just limited to the first claim. As often as you need to make claims, this waiver of excess benefit remains.

Like other major car insurers, AXA insurance accepts many forms of payments such as Cash, Cheque or Credit Card. A 6-month or 12-month installment is also available for DBS, POSB, OCBC or UOB cardholders.

Being an international insurance company, AXA may consider your overseas NCD if you present a written confirmation from your previous (overseas) insurer.

If you want to sign up for an AXA car insurance policy that allows you to go to any workshop for repair, the premium is estimated to be about 15% more.

With the above in mind, you can decide if AXA car insurance is right for you.

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