Renewing Your NTUC Car Insurance Policy

If you have bought an NTUC car insurance before, you’ll probably know how to renew your motor insurance with NTUC Income. The process is easy and hassle free.

About one month before your car insurance expires, the insurer will send you a renewal notice. You can simply follow their step-by-step instruction to renew and pay for your car insurance.

This renewal notice serves as a reminder to renew your car insurance and your road tax. You may have to send your car for inspection before you can renew your road tax though. Inside this document, your car insurance renewal premium and the excess are stated.

Other than that, the insurance start date is also mentioned. In order to avoid problems renewing your road tax down the road, it is advisable to align your car insurance start date to your road tax start date.

To do this, you can simply request to extend your insurance policy or cut it short. It’ll be helpful if you can let the customer service officer know your intention to align your car insurance date with the road tax date.

After considering NTUC’s offer, you can choose to insure your car again with NTUC or source for quotes elsewhere.

In general, if the car insurance premium is less than the previous year, motorists wouldn’t mind renewing with their existing insurer. Otherwise they will readily find several other car insurance quotes from elsewhere to compare.

Why Do Customers Want to Renew Their Car Insurance With NTUC?

There are a few advantages to renewing your car insurance with NTUC. First, for being a repeat customer, you can enjoy a better rate.

Also, NTUC Income has improved their customer service by a great deal in the past 1-2 years. Therefore complaints you may have heard about are mostly a thing of the past.

Recently NTUC Income also organized an Orange Force Accident Response Team to assist customers in case they meet with an accident.

They can be called upon in a moment’s notice and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On top of that, they will offer assistance regardless of where you are in Singapore.

The Orange Force Team moves about in a special 3-wheeled bike. Therefore even traffic congestion will not impede their quick response.

Having said this, we must also remember that NTUC car insurance is not perfect. Just like any insurance company, there will be times when customers are not happy with them for one reason or another.

Nevertheless it is important to understand that NTUC’s customer service officers are willing to solve those problems when they arise.

Apart from renewing your car insurance with NTUC Income, you can also protect your vehicle with other reputable insurers like Chartis Insurance, AXA Insurance, India International, etc.

To get quotes from these companies and more, click on and request for them.

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