NTUC Car Insurance – Scope of Coverage For Your Vehicle (Own Damage and Loss )

If you want to sign up for an NTUC car insurance policy, you must understand what is covered and what is not. This article highlights the main scope of coverage under a typical comprehensive car insurance plan like NTUC Drivo Classic.

First and foremost, your car, its accessories as well as parts are insured against loss or damage provided they are caused by accidental collision or overturning, fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning, burglary, housebreaking, theft or falling object, malicious act, strike, riot or civil commotion, flood, typhoon, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other convulsion of nature.

This is pretty good, because you can claim for damage under almost any situation, including flood, a possible situation in Singapore from time to time.

Of course, NTUC Income also caps the maximum insurance payout to the prevailing Market Value of your vehicle at the time of loss or damage. This also means if your repair cost exceeds the market value of your car, NTUC will pay you your car’s market value instead.

If you are insured under NTUC’s Drivo Classic car insurance, you must go back to any of the appointed workshops for repair. Under NTUC’s Drivo Premium car insurance, you can go to any workshop you prefer for accident repairs.

Nevertheless if you can find a workshop that can fix your car at a cheaper rate, you can submit your proposal to NTUC Income for consideration and the insurer may allow you to go to this particular workshop you want instead of the authorised workshop.

In case your vehicle is damaged and requires towing, NTUC will pay up to $200 to help move your car from the accident scene to the nearest workshop. All you have to do is call their hotline or the workshop directly to arrange for a tow truck.

Finally, NTUC will replace any broken windscreen or window glass on your car. There is an excess associated to this benefit. To get your windscreen replaced, contact NTUC about your intention to replace your windscreen. Then drive down to any one of the appointed windscreen repairer approved by NTUC Income. The mechanics will then advise you on how long the replacement will need so you know when to collect your car later.

However please bear in mind that you have to bear the cost of replacing the solar film on your windscreen. Also, you have to notify NTUC Income prior to making any claims. Otherwise things can get complicated.

If you need additional features like Loss of Use benefit or want to go back to your authorized workshop for accident repairs, you must upgrade to the NTUC Drivo Premium or NTUC Drivo Premium Plus plan to enjoy these benefits.

Other than NTUC car insurance, Chartis car insurance and AXA car insurance are 2 reliable options you may use to insure your car with. To get quotes from these insurers as well as other recommended companies, please take one minute to fill up the form at www.motorinsurancesingapore.com

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