Different Types of NTUC Car Insurance

NTUC car insurance is from NTUC Income, one of the biggest insurance companies in Singapore. Drivers will almost always hear about NTUC insurance from the first day they own a car. This is because of their huge market share in car insurance as well as other life and general insurance products.

Here are some car insurance plans you can find at NTUC Income:

1. Classic Plan

NTUC’s classic plan is one of the most popular in the market. It compensates you for loss or damage due to fire or theft. On top of this, you can cover the repair or replacement cost of your windscreen at any NTUC Income’s appointed windscreen workshop.

This policy restricts your repairs to NTUC Income’s Quality Workshops. Nevertheless with this arrangement, your car insurance can be more competitive than the Premium Plan.

For medical expenses, you can claim up to $300. NTUC offers personal accident benefits of $20,000. As with most car insurance policies, towing service is provided up to $200. This is sufficient for almost every towing job.

Finally, the Classic Plan compensates any death or injury to third party and also damages to any third party property.

2. Premium plan

The Premium Plan differs from the Classic Plan such that you can go to any workshop for accident repair.  All other benefits remain the same as the Classic Plan.

3. Classic Plus and Premium Plus Plans

The Classic Plus and Premium Plus Plans are upgrades from the Classic and Premium Plans. With additional premium, you can claim daily transport allowance should your car take more than 3 days to repair. Nevertheless you can only claim up to 7 days. So you have to decide if this feature is suitable for you…or not.

4. Third Party fire and theft

The third party fire and theft (TPFT) policy only covers for loss or damage by fire or theft. All other third party compensation remains the same as a comprehensive coverage.

5. Third Party Only

A third party only (TPO) insurance is quite similar to the third party fire and theft coverage. However a TPO policy does not cover any loss or damages by fire or theft.

It is not difficult to get the right car insurance for your vehicle since there are so many plans available. Many drivers opt for the classic plan since it is both affordable and comprehensive. For others who want additional benefits and protection, they can go for the Premium Plan or even the Premium Plus plan.

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