How to Get Rid Of Tailgaters

Before we go into how to get rid of those tailgaters, let’s look at why it’s dangerous to tailgate. This is a mini-lesson in case some who tailgated you are also reading this. =)

1. Following too closely results in almost all of those multi-vehicle collisions on the highway;
2. Tailgating-related accidents are not minor in terms of injuries and fatalities;
3. Following too closely restricts your vision. Your reaction will be slower if something happens ahead;
4. Yes…if you’re closer than the “two-second” rule suggests, you’re too close…oh, that means you’re tailgating!

Those tailgaters are gone? …whew! Let’s get on to the real stuff.

Tip #1: Add their following distance to yours. (Now the 2-second rule becomes the 4-second rule.) That means you can gradually stop in case anything happens in front of you. Most of the time, the tailgater will simply get pissed off and overtake you or move to another lane.

Tip #2: Slow down below the normal traffic speed. Again, these guys will simply get impatient and overtake you or switch lane. Just that now it becomes easier for them to do so since you’re slightly slower than the usual flow of traffic.

While you may feel intimidated or even angry that you’re being tailgated, tapping your brakes to “send a signal” or slamming your brakes doesn’t solve the problem. In fact you may even become a victim of road rage. Simply follow the 2 points above and keep your cool. At least you can laugh at those tailgaters while they’re fuming because of something as trivial as slow-moving traffic.

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