Should You Insure Your Car With AXA Car Insurance or Chartis Car Insurance?

AXA car insurance and Chartis car insurance are 2 very popular products in the market. In fact, when you buy a new car it would most probably be insured with an insurance plan from either of these insurance companies. As such car owners will definitely have heard of these names. But not many of them know which insurer they should choose after the first year of car ownership.

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Liberty Insurance – Summary of Main Benefits (Authorized Workshops)

Liberty Insurance - Summary of Main Benefits (Authorized Workshops) Windscreen Coverage $100 + 7% GST Excess is applicable & Free Reinstatement Loss Of Use Courtesy car provided (for up to 5 days) NCD Protector 10% premium is payable PA for insured / passengers $50,000 Towing Service Free – for accident Waiver of Excess Nil Workshop [...]

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