Change Your Air Filter On Time

Air Filter, as with other filters (like oil and fuel filter) needs to be changed regularly. This is important to preserve your engine’s performance.

In this post, we’ll look at different types of air filters and how often you should change them.

Types of Air Filter

Paper filters – Porous paper is pleated and lined along the air intake (openings) of the filter. As air passes through, dirt is trapped in the pores of the paper. These type of filters are efficient, cost-effective and easy to service.

Foam filters – Oil-wetted polyurethane foam is used to trap particles in the air. These tend to be more efficient filters than paper filters but can cause airflow restriction quickly.

Cotton – Layers of oiled cotton gauze is used as air filter. Seldom used in automobiles.

Oil Bath – The airflow is made to change direction abruptly in the filter as it approaches a reservoir of oil. Air changes direction easily, but not the dirt and particles. So these go straight into the pool of oil while cleaner air passes through. Alternatively the air stream can be made to aerate through a bath of oil.

How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

These little air “cleaners” must be changed regularly in order to prevent airflow restriction into the engine. If airflow is restricted, inefficient combustion results and engine power is reduced.

Check your air filter every other month and replace it when clogged. Or replace it when you tune-up your engine. You can also extend the life of your air filter by blowing it clean with compressed air regularly.

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