Choosing a Good Car Mat

A good car mat should fully cover the area it is protecting and not just part of it. Standard car mats on retailer racks are often bad fitting. Therefore it’s best to tailor a set of car mats that have a much better fit and will not slide about easily.

Although tailored car mats are more expensive, they’re generally harder wearing than the general types…meaning they last longer. Thus over your vehicle lifespan, tailored car mats are often more economical.

Car Mat

When choosing a car mat, make sure both colour and material blends into the existing upholstery. Also make sure that the rubber is thick enough and it has a durable dirt-trapping surface (just like those 3M car mats). Many tailored car mats are designed to trap and hold dirt, and you can clean these mats easily by brushing, washing or vacuuming the dirt off.

A good car mat will last you years if you clean them regularly. If dirt is allowed to build up, they’ll grind holes gradually in your mats…especially at areas near the pedals where your heels rest.

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