Use Car Wax to Protect Paintwork

Using car wax is the easiest and cheapest way to protect your car’s paintwork. Car wax preserves paint by forming a barrier against bird droppings, sap, and road dust. Waxing your car is work, of course…yet it will help keep your car new. Needless to say, driving around in a shiny car improves your professional [...]

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Use Car Shades

Car shades can minimize interior damage from sunlight (due to UV) and heat. Ideally, parking in a covered car park will be the best solution. However we don’t all have covered car parks, so parking under a tree might work…except that it results in bird droppings covering your car and eating into the paintwork. Therefore…make [...]

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Petrol Station Tips

Here are some tips to follow while filling up at the petrol station if you want a smoother and longer ride with the petrol you buy... While filling up, build some rapport with your regular pump attendant if you can. Then ask whether the petrol you buy is filtered and if the station changes their [...]

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