Personal Accident Benefits

Do you know that your motor insurance also provides you with personal accident benefits? The insurer will pay you a lump sum of money for accidental death or bodily injuries if the accident is in direct connection with your vehicle or while traveling in or mounting/dismounting from your private motor car. Generally the compensation amount [...]

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Third-Party, Fire and Theft Insurance

The Third-Party, Fire and Theft insurance covers your own vehicle against loss or damage by fire or theft, on top of the scope of coverage provided by the third-party only insurance. Unfortunately, damage to the insured’s vehicle by anything other than fire and theft is not covered by under this policy. Most car owners will [...]

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Third-Party Only Motor Insurance

This type of motor insurance provides coverage only for (1) death or bodily injuries to third parties &/or passengers, and (2) damage to 3rd party’s property. This is quite similar to the Act Liability Only Insurance, just that third-party insurance also covers against damage to property as well as accidents occurring on roads and private [...]

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