Vocabulary for car owners to understand motor car insurance policies and terms better

Comprehensive Policy

This is the most common car insurance policy that vehicle owners have. Its coverage is also the broadest. Other than insuring liability for third-party’s bodily injury (or death) and property damage, this type of car insurance also covers damage to the insured's own vehicle. There are also other benefits (usually) included in this type of [...]

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Third-Party, Fire and Theft Insurance

The Third-Party, Fire and Theft insurance covers your own vehicle against loss or damage by fire or theft, on top of the scope of coverage provided by the third-party only insurance. Unfortunately, damage to the insured’s vehicle by anything other than fire and theft is not covered by under this policy. Most car owners will [...]

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Third-Party Only Motor Insurance

This type of motor insurance provides coverage only for (1) death or bodily injuries to third parties &/or passengers, and (2) damage to 3rd party’s property. This is quite similar to the Act Liability Only Insurance, just that third-party insurance also covers against damage to property as well as accidents occurring on roads and private [...]

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