Different Types of NTUC Car Insurance

NTUC car insurance is from NTUC Income, one of the biggest insurance companies in Singapore. Drivers will almost always hear about NTUC insurance from the first day they own a car. This is because of their huge market share in car insurance as well as other life and general insurance products. Here are some car [...]

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Comprehensive Policy

This is the most common car insurance policy that vehicle owners have. Its coverage is also the broadest. Other than insuring liability for third-party’s bodily injury (or death) and property damage, this type of car insurance also covers damage to the insured's own vehicle. There are also other benefits (usually) included in this type of [...]

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Act Liability Only Insurance

This is a compulsory insurance for all vehicle owners. Under this motor insurance policy, the insurer covers only death and bodily injury to third parties, including the passengers. In other words, this type of motor car insurance doesn’t cover damages to property or vehicle. It also doesn’t cover accidents that occur within private compounds. Vehicle [...]

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