How to Get Rid Of Tailgaters

Before we go into how to get rid of those tailgaters, let’s look at why it’s dangerous to tailgate. This is a mini-lesson in case some who tailgated you are also reading this. =) 1. Following too closely results in almost all of those multi-vehicle collisions on the highway; 2. Tailgating-related accidents are not minor [...]

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Spark Plugs Need Changing Too

Spark plugs are now timed with on-board computers. This has eliminated the need for regular tune-ups…but you still need to change your spark plugs regularly. Most manufacturers recommend changing spark plugs every 48,000 or 64,000 km to ensure good fuel mileage and engine performance. You’re in luck if your car can be fitted with long-life [...]

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How to X-Ray Your Car Mechanic

Came across this article that talks about things that your car mechanic won't tell you...and it's spot-on! Inside, you'll find: 1. How to prevent your mechanic from over-charging you, 2. How to tell if your old spare parts (which are deep in the engine recesses) have been changed, 3. When not to bring your [...]

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